Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Have you ever had someone in your life that you used to know, but you lost them.  And so many years have passed that you start to forget about them.  You try so hard to remember them, you try desperately to grab hold of a memory, any memory of them, but you can’t.  All the memories you had of them, what they looked like, what their voice sounded like, they all slowly slip away, until you’ve forgotten.  You know they were there, you know they existed, but you don’t know anything about them. 

There used to be a time when you’d talk to them, listen to them, see them smile and hear their laugh, but now you don’t and you can’t remember what it used to be like.  You get to a point where everyone around you knows them, remembers what they did and what they sounded like, and it’s like you’re the only one who doesn’t.  Even though you knew them, you met them; you don’t really know them, not like everyone else does.  You start to make up things in your mind, you start to make up little memories, and you think about them and think about them, until you truly believed they happened. 
That what you made up in your mind actually happened and is real.  You look at pictures and blurry images of the past come back, but it’s not real and they’re not there.  Years will pass and eventually most of the people who you lose in your life one way or another, you will forget about.  You’ll look at pictures and you’ll think about them, but you won’t remember what they sounded like, what you did together, and you won’t discover your memories. 
But that’s what happens when you lose someone.  You’ll have the pictures and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to keep a few memories, but you won’t remember everything.  But then you meet someone new, or someone different will come into your life and you just have to make some new memories.   

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