Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Man's World

  So there was an article written a couple of weeks ago, by a woman called Suzanne Venker for Fox News titled "The War on Men." In it she states women are destroying marriage and consequently the world. 
  In the article it describes how “women have become the majority of the U.S. workforce and are also getting most of the college degrees.”  I fail to see this as a bad thing.  When women have spent years being underrepresented in workforces, only now are we breaking through and I for one am glad. 
  The article goes onto state “women aren’t women anymore.”  Well what the hell are we then?  Just because women have been fighting back against sexism, oppression, patriarchy and misogyny, doesn’t mean our vaginas have morphed into penises. 
  She also states in the article that women are angry, defensive and have been raised to think of men as the enemy.  This is complete rubbish.  As a feminist or woman fighting for equal rights, I don’t hate men. 
  It is society that angers me.  A society which makes pink cooking or cleaning toys for girls and blue science or DIY toys for boys.  A society which holds the traditional view of men going out to work and being the breadwinner, and women staying at home to look after the children. 
  A society that tells me to chill out when I get angry over sexist comments, being harassed or felt up on the street.  A society that feels sorry for a Paralympic athlete and his career, whilst he is faced with murder charges after killing his girlfriend.   
  When I see a sexist comment on social media sites or a colleague at work makes a sexist joke at my expense, my dad tells me to chill out, which incidentally only angers me further.  When I rage in despair at the fact the Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius being released on bail, my dad tells me there is nothing anyone can do, as we can’t change the laws of other countries.  I get frustrated over the fact that people told me to get an alarm after being harassed and grabbed on the street. 
  But this society is also made up of other women, so no, I don’t hate men.  I’m sick of people assuming I hate men just because I’m a feminist.  I am sick of people asking why I’m so angry or why am I bothered.  I am sick of having to say the same thing over and over again. 
  I am sick of having to fight for things, which concern me, my body and my lifestyle, no one else’s.  And I am sick of being asked why I care.  I will continue to fight, even if men or other women like Suzanne Venker  don’t like it.  I don’t hate men, but I am pretty sick with living in a man’s world. 

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