Monday, 20 August 2012

My Email To Star Magazine

Three days ago I emailed Star magazine as I wasn't happy with them putting Gary Barlow on their front cover and talking about his loss. As a fan of his, I don't want the press putting him and his family all over their cover pages. He and his family have asked for privacy right now and that should be respected. I have yet to receive a response from Star; this was my email to them.

Dear Mr/Mrs or whoever it may concern.

I am writing to inform you I have a complaint about ISSUE 445, dated 20th August 2012, over your cover content.

On this cover there is a picture of Gary Barlow titled, "Devastated. Grieving Gary. He'll Never Get Over Losing Baby Poppy."

I am very annoyed and upset at the fact that you have put a picture of a heartbroken man on the cover of your magazine, after he has asked for privacy for him and his family.

He, his wife and their family have just gone through a devastating loss, yet you have put him on your front cover.

They asked for privacy and you have disrespected that.

They also have children, children who can read what you have written, which could upset them further, which would also upset Gary further.

I also question whether this is of the public interest, as we fans don't wish to read this, as we wish to respect his privacy.

I look forward to hearing your response.

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