Friday, 17 August 2012

Star Mag - Insensitive

I seriously cannot believe Star magazine. They’ve only gone and put Gary Barlow on their front cover, with the headline, “Devastated, Grieving Gary. He’ll never get over losing Baby Poppy.” No, of course he won’t. Say the obvious why don’t you. On the front page also, is a picture of Imogen Thomas holding her baby bump. Of course she’s very happy at the moment as she’s doing well in her pregnancy.

But for Star magazine to put a picture of Gary on the same page as a happy pregnant woman is, in my eyes, very insensitive. I don’t know why the press won’t just leave him alone, stop writing articles on him. Right now he and his family are going through a very tough time, the last thing they need is that tough time splashed all over the papers and mags.
The press don’t seem to understand the fact that Gary has children, children who can go on the internet or read the newspapers, and see what is being written about all of them. They don’t need that right now. Fans have respected the Barlow’s privacy, we don’t want to read it. It would be nice if the press could understand that too. Rant over.

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