Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Take That At The Olympics

On Sunday morning I was still not so sure whether Take That would actually perform at the Olympics or not. And I wasn’t so sure that they should. It’s not that I didn’t want to see them, I had been looking forward to seeing them perform for AGES and I got butterflies just thinking about it. But that was before Gary’s sad loss. I know from sad personal experience that it takes a long time to get over something like that, in fact you never actually do.

The Olympics closing ceremony was only a week after Gary’s loss, and I wasn’t sure whether he was ready or not. Despite that fact, I was really looking forward to seeing them, even if I was apprehensive. That night I sat through the whole ceremony, not getting my hopes up on whether they would perform. I know there were pictures circulating on twitter from their rehearsals, but they could still pull out at any time, and they’d have every right too. I waited for what felt like forever, until finally they came on stage.

The first few opening lines Gary’s voice wavered, you could hear the emotion and pain in his voice throughout the whole song. I’m not ashamed to admit I cried, I felt the pain with him, like every other fan. I am extremely proud of Gary for getting up onto that stage and singing his heart out; we all know he sung it for his wife, his children and his Poppy. He didn’t have to do that, he had every right to turn around and not to do it. But he did. Apparently he said he didn’t want to let Britain or his fans down, but there was no way he would have down that.
He stood on that stage with his head held high, singing his heart out. The whole world saw how amazing he was and how brave he was. One thing I am most proud of is the fact that the boys weren’t just a band that night. They were a unit, a band of brothers. They supported Gary and helped him through it all the way. Mark with his caring and comforting looks. Jason was his wacky, individual dancing. And Howard helping him through the vocals.
Sunday I was proud to say I was a fan; I was proud to say I have supported them and followed them for years, through everything. They are my band, and many other people’s band. Now when I talk about my favourite band, people won’t be asking who they are, because of that night, they will know.  

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